Abstract submissions for Kappa Phi’s 1st International Communication Conference Communication between Domination and Emancipation

Abstract submission instructions

Participants are welcome to submit abstract proposals for the papers they would like to present at the Conference. The abstracts should be written on the topics which address the main theme of the Conference. The language of the Conference is English and the abstracts should be written in English. The abstracts should include the title of the proposed paper and succinctly explain the main assumptions and ideas behind the topic, as well as the methodology to be used. The length of the abstracts should be between 400 and 600 words.

Do not use any visuals or special formatting in your abstracts. If used, references can be included.

Do not write your name, affiliation or any other identifying information in your abstract.

Please paste your abstract in the appropriate space in the form in the adjacent tab. Once submitted, abstracts cannot be reedited.

Submission form

Abstract Submission Form

  • Second and subsequent authors should be named here. All authors must individually register for the conference.
  • Please paste your abstract above.