Paper submissions of Kappa Phi’s 1st International Communication Conference Communication between Domination and Emancipation

Paper submission before the conference is optional but encouraged. The deadline for the submission of papers after the conference has been extended to December 1, 2016.

Only the participants whose abstracts have been accepted can submit their papers. The code received with the abstract acceptance notification should be used when submitting the paper.

Your papers can be reports on your completed or ongoing research, or contain a description, analysis, interpretation or explanation of a specific theoretical issue based on appropriate scholarly argumentation. The papers and their respective types of argumentation can be theoretical, historical, interpretative (qualitative) and empirical (quantitative). When quantitative argumentation is applied, statistical analysis and argumentation should also be applied. All empirical papers should also follow the so-called IMRAD section structure: Introduction (which usually contains an introduction to an issue, an explanation of the issue, a literature review, and research questions and hypotheses), Methods (details of research methods and procedures), Results (an overview of results and statistical analyses and argumentation) and Discussion (an analysis of the results and their implications, study limitations and a conclusion). The recommended length of your papers is 8000 words including the notes, tables and references.

Authors can submit only their original and unpublished work. By submitting your paper for publication in the special edition of the proceedings you warrant that the manuscript is currently not being considered for publication elsewhere.

The manuscripts will not be accepted for publication if they are not prepared in accordance with the editorial guidelines or if they are not written within the thematic framework. The authors of such manuscripts will be notified of the decision usually within fifteen days of the receipt of the manuscript. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the editor may still ask the author for additional revision.

Please prepare the manuscript of your conference paper fully in accordance with the following guidelines.

Your manuscripts can be submitted in English. Unless essential for clarity of content or space limitations, manuscripts are normally not edited for style or orthography. It is your responsibility to check the manuscript for spelling, grammar and style.

Manuscript preparation
Manuscripts should be prepared strictly in accordance with the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
Manuscripts should be single-spaced, with 2.5 cm margins and 12 pt fonts. The name of the author or any other identifying information must not be included in the manuscript. The first page should include the title of your manuscript, an abstract of 80 to 100 words and five (5) keywords describing your work.

Paragraphs and quote marks
The first paragraph in the manuscript and first section paragraphs are not indented. Other paragraphs are indented 5 mm.
Use double quotation marks for quotations and single quotation marks for quotations within quotations. Always use “smart” quotation marks.

Tables, pictures and figures
Tables should be used only for the data that cannot be integrated in the text and are indispensable for understanding the research or testing hypotheses. One table of 9×15 cm or two tables of 9×6 cm should be used in one manuscript. Figures and pictures should also be used sparingly. Tables, pictures and figures will have to be submitted later as separate documents in the tiff format with the resolution of 300 dpi. Pictures are also acceptable in the jpeg format. Tables, pictures and figures will be printed in black and white.